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27. Nov 2017: Biotopia3D Version 0.8.60, free early access version. Updates will in futore have exactly this link. Playable Early Access Version 0.8.60

06. Nov 2017: Biotopia3D: Get the free and unfinished but playable Early Access Version from here. Feedback in the forum would be great! Playable Early Access Version 0.8.55

05. Nov 2017: New bundle with all the classic Magic Storm games for 10€. Also including the unfinished but playable Biotopia game, which was stopped to create Biotopia3D. Support us by buying our bundle

02. Oct 2016: Biotopia3D: In this month we will release the free early access version here! There are new screenshots and in the forum new wallpapers. Teaser

13. Dez 2016: Biotopia3D: A new and long trailer is here: Trailer

19. July 2016: Biotopia3D: many new screenshots and a new video clip in the forum

21. Feb. 2016:You can download our oldest classic games TombClimber and Xenidis in our forum for free (Full Versions)!

19. July. 2015: Biotopia3D Project page added and new forum thread
Biotopia 3D

22. Mar. 2015: Biotopia 0.9.0312 Version is now online, and added some new Biotopia Screens

12. Oct. 2014: Biotopia 0.8.1012 Public Beta Release as Freeware (full playable) !

04. Oct. 2014: new screens added for Biotopia 0.8.1004. Public release soon.

09. Sep. 2013: first screens added for Biotopia 0.5.0906.

26. Jul. 2013: Added project page for Biotopia.

27. Dez. 2012: TombClimber2 released!

27. Oct. 2012: New Screenshots TombClimber2 uploaded.

16. Jun. 2012: New Screenshots TombClimber2 uploaded.

13. Jun. 2012: Free tools added
Add a new section to the index page with free tools maybe interesting for game developers.

01. Jan. 2012: Happy new Year!
We created a YouTube channel with some clips of our games:
Magic Storm on YouTube

01. Sep. 2011: New Screenshots TombClimber2 uploaded.

04. May 2010: Xenidis II got released. Have fun with it, feedback is welcome.

12. April 2010: Xenidis II got new Screenshots now. Project Page updated. Game is finished, we are doing final testing now.

15. Oct. 2009: Xenidis II got new Screenshots now. Project Page updated.

04. Jul. 2008: Added project page for Xenidis II.

25. Feb. 2008: Puzzlemouse Download added also 2 Screens. Puzzlemouse is a free addon game for Bouldermouse. the screens are on the Bouldermouse page.

12. Dez. 2007: Added project pages for Innominate and TombClimber II.

26. Oct. 2007: Patch 1.3 for Bouldermouse is available! There are 3 Camera-Modes, new Music, a new monster, enhanced Intro, and new Graphics, and the game runs smoother on older PCs.

26. Oct. 2007: Today our new website went online. Thanks a lot Jo!

Stand: November 27, 2017 S-A-VE