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  Commando Xenidis

is a Top-Down Actionshooter for 1 to 4 players.

After all planets of the system Xenidis were terraformed in 2525 a.d. - contact to our interstellar settlers was lost. A last transmission let us suspect, that something considerably horrible had happened. To find out what was going on there, a special force unit by the code name Commando Xenidis was sent out to check out what might have happened to the lost settlers and to prevent any possible danger for Earth.

In this game you are flying a high-tech battle-fighter through the orbit of each planet to finally beam down onto the surface, where you have to destroy all enemies and their facilities with your special-trooper.

Developed and released: 2006

Latest version: 1.3

Supported operating systems:
Windows: 2000, ME, XP, XP x64, Server 2003, Server 2003 x64

Minimum Requirements:
1GHz Pentium III, Athlon, 1,2 GHz Celeron, Duron CPU
32 MB DirectX9 Graphikkarte
256 MB RAM

1,4 GHz Pentium III, Athlon, 1,7 GHz Celeron, Duron CPU
128 MB DirectX9 Graphikkarte
512 MB RAM


Coding & Level Grafik & Animation BGM, SFX & VFX
Eric "Firlefanz" Behme Oliver "Buffolli" Müller Jürgen "Jo'ogn" Oppermann
Dank an / thanks go to
Mission- & Flightcontroller: Nicole "Nicobi" Alonso

Intro-story: David J "Splattergnome" Clarke

Beta-Tester: Martin "Coolcat" Weusten, Andreas "Solitaire" Sauer, Jan Oonk, Markus "DARK3STH" Schumann

Ronny from for hosting the online highscore

Stand: November 27, 2017 S-A-VE